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Have you been looking for an affordable and reliable solution to issues with environmental noise? We have years of experience and an affordable team who can help you anywhere in the United Kingdom. To learn more, contact our environmental noise surveys team now.


We cover environmental noise surveys for planning applications [Planning Practice Guidance - Noise], appeals and public enquiries. Examples are:


• A Freight Terminal Study (Rail - Road - Shipping)

• A New Road Scheme Environmental Traffic Noise Study

• A Refuse Transfer Station Environmental Noise Assessment

• Assessment of Quarries & Construction Sites

• An Environmental noise study for a Waste Water Treatment Plant

• Environmental Noise Studies for major housing schemes [PPG24]

Professional environmental noise surveys

For existing and new sites we can conduct an environmental  noise  prediction study and make an assessment of the need for barriers and other noise control. All such investigations are carried out in accordance with BS 5228 "Noise and Vibration Control on Construction and Open Sites", and Planning and Minerals Practice Guide, "Controlling and mitigating the environmental effects of mineral extraction in England".

Quarries, mineral extraction & landfill sites


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Renewable energy - Wind turbines

We offer a specialist environmental noise survey, prediction and assessment service, based on DTI Guidelines for Wind Farms [ETSU-R-97] explained on  Noisenet.  We own a significant amount of environmental noise monitoring equipment and can therefore handle even a large scale assessment in-house.